About me

Welcome to my space! Wow… That was so 2006 😅…

Anyways... I’ll be sharing a little part of myself.

Cheers 🍺🍻🍷!

Some things I love

  • My daughter 💜!
  • Coding 🐛
  • Design 🖌
  • Solving complex problems 🧮
  • Music 🎸
  • Series 📺
  • Movies 📽
  • Team sports 🏈 ⚽️
  • Video games 👾
  • Pathfinder RPG 🎲
  • Board games ♟
  • Beer 🍺
  • Food 🌮
  • Sharing ideas 💭

Some things I struggle with

  • Dancing 🕺
  • Homeschooling 👨‍🏫
  • Biology 🧬
  • Sleeping early 🛌

If I were an animated gif/meme/animal/song, I would be...

The Justifier from Last Place Comics.

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The first appereance from the Justifier

Places where I have worked

  • Homeday: A Berlin-based startup trying to brake the bureaucracy on the real state market. I've worked in the Customer Experience, and Closing squad, focusing on the Digital Deal Closing.
  • Beek: A data-driven YC company. I helped the company pivot from a book review app to an audiobook application.
  • GBM: One of México's biggest brokerage houses, where I worked in the digital product of GBMfondos.
  • Kokonut Studio: Design agency where I developed some Wordpress sites like Hidrosina website.
  • Infomedia: My first and last consultancy, at least so far. With them I went to the Operations and Maintanance area on América Móvil.
  • G21 Comunicación: It was called IASA (Impresiones Aéreas) back then.

Let's connect on Twitter, Github, and LinkedIn.